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Find out more about applying for a dog here.

Apply for a dog

If you wish to apply for a dog ( unfortunately we are only currently able to rehome in Surrey, Sussex, East Hampshire and Kent and the fostering team for JSR are in the Gatwick area ) please complete the application form below:

Once we receive your application we will call you to confirm we have your application.

If you cannot use the form on line please download this copy : Apply for a dog

If you would like a paper copy of the application form, please contact us and we can send you one.


Please consider this when completing your application
The Severn ages of a Springer

Baby Puppy 8weeks -3 months
Puppy 3 months-2 years
Teenager 2-5 years
Young Adult 5 -8 years
Adult 8-11 years
Older Adult 11-13years
Pensioner 13 plus years

As you can see Springers have almost eternal youth,  do not be fooled into thinking a 7/11 year old is going to be staid and not want a lot of exercise they are usually still in need of a great deal of exercise until reaching  pensioner age. An older dog can give you a great deal of fun and enjoyment without the hassle of the chewing, training stages of a much younger dog.


For help or assistance or if you just have an enquiry, please contact us by telephone and leave a message.

Please contact Liz directly on  07849 532111 (anytime) or on the email address below.

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