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Barty's Story  (pictures then and Now)

Barty came into the charity with his house mate back in November 2021 and initially we thought his issues were superficial, he was in need of a good bath and Groom, a bit of weight on, some vaccinations and a health check. So we thought!

After having all of the above Barty’s health was not straight forward. Our vet has been treating him for an ear infection he came in with, which we think he had been suffering from for some time. But on top of that he had a cloudy eye when he arrived which we were told he had restricted vision in, but hadn’t been informed he was in fact due to have ongoing treatment.   

Barty has senile corneal endothelial degeneration. Which means he can’t keep his cornea dehydrated and if untreated causes painful ulcers.

So currently he has 3 eye drops twice a day at half an hour intervals and 2 eye drops at lunchtime with half an hour between. He is still receiving treatment for his ongoing ear infection. Barty is also an itchy dog, this may have been caused by his previous environment and is treated as required.

Barty is a lovely gentle boy, who has been so patience and stoic through all his treatment. He is currently staying in long term foster where he sleeps on the bed and walks in the field, he is a happy boy.

Update on George

George is now believed to be 13 years old and is still work in progress. He came to JSR aged about 30 months via the Dog warden, having been found under a car when the owner of the car returned from holiday. It took three days to get him out when it was discovered he had a broken jaw, broken shoulder and a split pelvis, he was terrified of humans, having probably been used as a football!!

George ran loose on a committee member’s smallholding for about a year before he could be touched, he was very clever in never going into a building with a door and slept in the hay barn or under a hedge. He then fell in love with the late Bramble and jumped into my car to be with her, the third time this happened I managed to shut the cage door and had him trapped. On arriving home, he was tied to Bramble for three days as his fear flight was very, very high and he did not like going into any building with a door on.

Bramble was quite happy to stay in the garden until it was dinner, when the thought of not going in was not to be considered, George had no choice but to come in being dragged by Bramble up the steps on his back. Bramble put a lot of work into George helping him to get over his fear of humans and other dogs. On her death George was distraught until he had another mentor dog.

Enter Kate a very beautiful, champion show Springer who has carried on Bramble’s good work and has greatly helped George with his confidence when out of his comfort zone. His greatest delight are his tennis balls, putting up to 14 in my bed in the morning to get me up! In 2017 he won a national award at the National Pet show in London for his courage in over coming his terrible start in life. George’s health is not brilliant but with regular visits to his vet and chiropractor he manages very well and enjoys a great life down here at Copsale where most people don’t realise his past history, he now goes to the village hall once a month to the coffee morning and is starting to get known and enjoys the fuss he gets.



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