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George Update

When George’s beloved Bramble died when she lost her battle with vasculitis, he was inconsolable and so Uncle Max came to stay until Liz could find him another mentor. Enter Kate who answered our cry for help and arrived to see if she liked us on the Saturday. Kate was a retired show springer who had had her puppies and was looking for a quieter life,  within two days she had taken up her duties and they were sleeping in the same bed  when in the office.

Since Kate’s arrival George’s confidence has grown with Kate’s calm influence, as he has had to step up to be the man of the house. but Liz still has to be very aware if anything our of the ordinary happens, last week a visitor who had been playing roll a ball with him in the house, whilst having a coffee dropped a small item which sent George scuttling away into another room. Fortunately, Kate is not interested in balls so George can still wake Liz up in the morning by stuffing balls in the bed (usually about 9) and cart them around all day for Liz to pick up in the evening. George has now been banned from playing ball outside as with the speed he goes and the sharp turns affect his joints, it is just not worth the pain he suffers afterwards. George still has regular visits to the chiropractor to realign his spine.

George is in charge of the bedtime routine and he says which bed Kate can use each night, he has now educated her in swimming, how to get really muddy though he is not sure about her rolling in the grass as she sometimes comes back with a new perfume!!

Kate is now a Qualified Reading Therapy Dog with Canine Concern and goes to a school to help the children read, George would enjoy the stories but not the concentrated fuss Kate receives from the children, so he stays in the car whilst Kate does her session. Both George and Kate worked really hard down at Pets at Home Redhill last year fundraising, going day for a month in December which helped George with his confidence meeting lots of new people, he watched Kate getting all the attention and tried hard to be brave enough to allow some of the quieter people to stroke him.

Both dogs are off to Devon in April where George loves being on Dartmoor where there are lots of places to swim  and long walks over Woodbury Common staying at Liz’s cousins house is all good experience and helps with his confidence.

George's Story
George now nearly 8 years old is our permanent foster dog who lives with Liz, the Chairman.

George was found under a car with previous injuries of a broken jaw, broken shoulder and pelvic damage, aged about one year old.

Having done his time with the Dog Warden he came to JSR, he was let off lead after a few days and that was the last anyone was able to touch him for some months. George was petrified of humans, he slept out in the stables, and lived on the outskirts of life mixing with the other dogs, following at a distance when they were walked but returning to the small holding where he was staying at speed, whenever he saw anyone he did not know.

After about a year of living with one of the team at JSR and mixing with all the team’s dogs he suddenly jumped into Liz’s car to be with Bramble, Liz’s dog. On the third attempt Liz managed to close the door on the cage and that was the start of his new life.

On arriving home, he was connected to Bramble with a six foot lead for the first three days. This allowed Liz to get near him and gradually over the months he gained confidence providing Bramble was nearby. Over the past years George has gradually gained in confidence and although does not like being touched by strangers is getting better all the time. George will never be rehomed as it would not be kind and would undo all the hard work and effort that has been put into him.

One of his great delights in life are swimming, going for long walks and tennis balls, however they have to proper ones not the imitation ones, those he destroys in a matter of minutes! George spends his days at home moving his tennis balls (all 36) from one room to another, to wake Liz up in the morning he stuffs tennis balls in her bed when the alarm goes off!!!

George goes to a chiropractor now on a regular basis and has his back and hips realigned as with the previous injuries he had he ends up going sideways when going at speed! George won the 2017 PDSA Heroic Dog award at the National Pet Show for his courage in overcoming his fear of humans.

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