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Introducing Shadow


In February we had a call from a friend asking advice about a spaniel they had found in a neighbours garden, trying to eat carrots, of course we said bring him round to us.

He was very thin, you could see all his ribs and his hip bones, dull dirty coat with some nasty swellings and a very sad look in his eyes. After speaking to the dog warden, we kept him for the mandatory seven days, then JSR took him on.

Now you may notice from his picture he is not a Springer Spaniel, he is a Cocker Spaniel, but now with his sad little face he was here to stay. He was 12.06 kilos when he arrived and is now a much healthier 14.35 kilos.


Our vet advised he has a few life limiting conditions, so he will stay with us for as long as he is happy. He lives at Jenny and Steve Joy’s and enjoys the hustle and bustle of the comings and goings of the charities foster dogs


George now nearly 6 years old is our permanent foster dog who lives with Liz, the Chairman.

George was found under a car with previous injuries of a broken jaw, broken shoulder and pelvic damage, aged about one year old.

Having done his time with the Dog Warden he came to JSR, he was let off lead after a few days and that was the last anyone was able to touch him for some months. George was petrified of humans, he slept out in the stables, and lived on the outskirts of life mixing with the other dogs, following at a distance when they were walked but returning to the small holding where he was staying at speed, whenever he saw anyone he did not know.

After about a year of living with one of the team at JSR and mixing with all the team’s dogs he suddenly jumped into Liz’s car to be with Bramble, Liz’s dog. On the third attempt Liz managed to close the door on the cage and that was the start of his new life.

On arriving home, he was connected to Bramble with a six foot lead for the first three days. This allowed Liz to get near him and gradually over the months he gained confidence providing Bramble was nearby. Over the past years George has gradually gained in confidence and although does not like being touched by strangers is getting better all the time. George will never be rehomed as it would not be kind and would undo all the hard work and effort that has been put into him.

One of his great delights in life are swimming, going for long walks and tennis balls, however they have to proper ones not the imitation ones, those he destroys in a matter of minutes! George spends his days at home moving his tennis balls (all 36) from one room to another, to wake Liz up in the morning he stuffs tennis balls in her bed when the alarm goes off!!!

George goes to a chiropractor now on a regular basis and has his back and hips realigned as with the previous injuries he had he ends up going sideways when going at speed! George won the 2017 PDSA Heroic Dog award at the National Pet Show for his courage in overcoming his fear of humans.

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