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How we work at  Just Springers Rescue

When someone approaches us to take their dog there are various steps to go through.
First after talking to us as to the reason they want their dog rehomed, we ask questions about the dog (we take notes on the answers) a form is sent to them to fill in, to provide us with more details. On receiving all this information an appointment is made to go and assess the dog in its own surroundings, unfortunately for various reasons the facts are not always declared on the form or in the original conversation, i.e. a dog is supposed to greet you nicely but on arrival you are lucky not to be bitten!

When we decide to take a dog he/she is taken to one of various placements for further assessment, this is undertaken by a committee member and lasts approximately two weeks with the dogs being assessed at all times. The short time spent in their old home is not sufficient to find out the true character of a dog.

Some dogs go to “The Dogs Holiday Camp” a family run smallholding where the dogs can have access to various situations including children, other dogs, farm livestock, horses, vehicles of all sorts and their temperament tried and tested in numerous ways.  Others go to “The Older Dogs Hotel” with access to normal living conditions and they go out to meet people, have long walks, car rides etc. mixing and living with other dogs. During this time any medical conditions are sorted out and neutering etc. is carried out, the dogs all go to their new homes neutered, vaccinated, micro chipped, flea and worm treated. All the younger dogs are tested as to their suitability for working with the police, prison service, border agency or to be as trained gun dogs working on various shoots. Some dogs move from one placement to another depending on what is considered best for the dog, and so more can be found out about its character.

After assessment we then look at our list of people who have applied for a dog and approach the family who we feel is most suited to the dog to come and visit the dog, bringing all the family including any dogs they may already own. If all goes well and we are happy that the dog will enjoy living with the people concerned, and after a cooling off period, we then go and to do a house check, before the prospective new owners are allowed to take the dog home.

There are always exceptions such as a dog that is a stray, in which case the assessment period is lengthened or if a suitable home is not available we keep the dog until such time as one is, we do not place a dog where we feel it is not going to work.


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