Charity Reg No: 1135424

Phil Spencer ( From TV's 'Location Location')  

& Jan Fennell ( Author and Dog Trainer)

JSR was started in January 2008 with the aim of rehoming Springer Spaniels to good
approved homes.

To help and advise owners with problems with their Springer Spaniels and especially,
where appropriate, to aid an owner to keep their dog rather than rehome it.

To assess all dogs with their suitability to be rehomed and advise accordingly.

Unfortunately we are only currently able to rehome in Surrey, Sussex and surrounding areas

The seven ages of a Springer Spaniel
Baby Puppy  8 weeks - 3 months
Puppy  3 months - 2 years
Teenager  2 years - 5 years
Young Adult   5 years - 8 years
Adult  8 years - 11 years
Middle Aged  11 years - 13 years
Pensioner  13 years plus

Who we are:

Liz Austin  - Trustee/
Chairman /Committee Member

Tel: 01737 767844

Email: westerlands1@btinternet.com

Colin Pugh - Trustee/Treasurer/Committee Member

Tel: 01737 551958

Email: colindpugh@talktalk.net

Helena Herring - Trustee/Committee Member

Tel: 01293 862045

Email: helenapitstop@btinternet.com

Jenny Joy - Committee Member

Tel: 01342 843953
email: pokey@btinternet.com

Wendy Laver - Committee Member

Tel: 01293 783457
email: wendy.laver@btinternet.com

Sue Cottingham - Committee Member

Tel: 07714279044




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